I Want My Wife Back

I Want My Wife Back

Written by Justin Spresni and Mark Bussell, the team behind The Worst Week of My Life, directed by Paul Norton Walker and produced by Mainstreet Pictures and Busby Productions, I Want My Wife Back aired in 2016 on BBC1.


Starring Ben Miller, Caroline Catz, Kenneth Collard, Susannah Fielding, Abigail Thaw, Stewart Wright and Jan Francis the six part bittersweet romantic comedy follows Murray (Miller), as he tries to first understand why his wife (Catz) has left him and then employs a variety of tactics to win her back. Nice guy Murray is put in increasingly awkward situations as he tries to keep all the nightmare people around him happy and at the same time woo his wife.


The show was beautifully written and directed, with stella performances from the ensemble cast lead by a star turn from Ben Miller, the king of cringe. With some delicate and touching romantic moments and a plot that walked the line carefully between outright farce and heartfelt drama I Want My Wife Back was a joy to score.





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