A wonderfully crafted score by Grant Olding, who presents a musical landscape in which the reassuring blitz-spirit certainties of orchestral swing are being challenged by the rawer, sexier attack of rock’n’roll.

The Guardian

Grant Olding's music delights, wittily incorporated into the action.

The Observer


Nicholas Hytner's masterstroke is the music by Grant Olding, which wraps all this lunacy into an irresistible package.

The Hollywood Reporter


Driving, joyous interludes help turn a well-made play into an entertainment with the lift of an exhilarating musical.

The New York Times


The production is punctuated by an onstage cellist, playing a score by Grant Olding reminiscent of Elgar’s turbulent, grief-filled cello concerto. It greatly adds to the power of the production.

The Telegraph


Grant Olding's infectiously sunny skiffle songs lift the audience from mere happiness to eye-watering, comic hysteria.



Grant Olding's Simply Cinderella christens Leicester's imposing theatre with a champagne sparkle.

The Guardian


Infectious music by Grant Olding, bubbles over with humour. A surefire hit.

The Evening Standard


The infectious charm of Grant Olding's original musical numbers keep toes tapping along.

Film Intuition

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