Saving Santa

Saving Santa

Grant scored this beautiful animated feature film in 2013.


Starring Martin Freeman as Bernard, who longs to be an inventor in Santa's hi-tech workshop but is currently employed as a lowly stable elf, with Tim Curry as the dastardly Neville Baddington, who tries to discover the secret of Santa's sleigh in order to use it to further his own postal delivery service empire, and Joan Collins as Neville's overbearing mother. Also featuring the voices of Tim Conway as Santa, Ashley Tisdale as the plucky elf Shiny, Noel Clarke as Snowy and Pam Ferris as Mrs Claus, Saving Santa was directed by Leon Joosen, produced by Gateway Films and Prana Studios and was released in cinemas worldwide by the Weinstein Company.


With Bernard the elf traveling back in time twice (and duetting with himself both times) in order to save Santa and Christmas from the clutches of Neville and his mother, Saving Santa was a huge joy to score. A big fun orchestral score with rhythm section, five wholy original songs with music and lyrics by Grant as well as a couple of newly arranged Christmas classics, big action sequences, joyous Christmas cues... the score has it all. Listen closely and you may even hear Grant himself lending one of the characters his singing voice!


You can buy the soundtrack from iTunes, where you can also download the film. To listen to more cues than are on the released soundtrack, check out the playlist of twenty cues on this page, and watch a few of the songs below.

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