With Whatever Comes to Hand

Grant is currently working on his second album as a singer/songwriter.  Recorded in his studio between the Golden Valley and the Black Mountains the album is being made with no samples, no software instruments, just with whatever comes to hand.  The first two songs are available to stream now from soundcloud.  Click here to listen to them.

Monogram #1

Grant's first solo singer/songwriter album. Produced in 2003 whilst gigging around London. Recorded in bedrooms and mixed on cheap speakers, this Lo-Fi album showcases Grant's songwriting in it's rawest, most achingly honest form. 

Available for the first time through bandcamp. Click here to buy.


  1. Omaha
  2. Disco Drug Store
  3. The Closest
  4. Love & Blackmail
  5. High Flyer
  6. Stigmata
  7. Skylight
  8. Constellation
  9. Being Alone
  10. Sleepwalking
  11. Strange Affair
  12. Into Blue
  13. Monogram #1
  14. Amaretto Rise   

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