Studio Equipment/Instruments


Adam A7X's




Mac Pro

Rain PC

Macbook Pro


Mic Preamp/Audio Interface

Neve 1073 DPA

Chandler Germanium Preamp

Universal Audio Apollo 8

Apogee Duet



Royer R-121 ribbon mic

Pearlman TM1 boutique tube mic

AKG 414 condenser mic

Shure SM57 dynamic mic

Shure SM58 dynamic mic

DAW/Main Software

Logic X

Sibelius 7

Isotope Ozone mastering software

iPad running Lemur

Vienna Ensemble Pro

Ableton Live 9


Doepfer LMK4 controller keyboard

Fender Rhodes Mark 1 (1975)

Roland Juno 6 (1985)

Roland Fantom XR

Moog Sub 37

Teenage Engineering OP-1

Korg Volca FM

Hohner Marchesa 120 bass accordion


Fender Telecaster

Adam Black Orion electric guitar (with Gibson P57 pickups)

Yamaha BB425X 5 string electric bass

Custom double necked lap steel guitar

Martin DC-1E acoustic guitar

Admira Concerto classical guitar

Carlo Ricordo Napoli mandolin

Lanikai baritone ukulele

Fender Superchamp x2 vintage modified tube amp

Carl Martin Headroom spring reverb

Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man delay

Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi with Tone Wicker

Wampler Sovereign distortion

Ninevolt Pedals 1927 Homerun King compressor

Pigtronix Tremvelope

MXR Stereo Chorus

Walrus Audio Fathom Reverb

Jim Dunlop - Cry Baby Wah Wah



Roland TD11 drumkit

Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator PO-12

Akai MPD32

Ritmo Cajon

Session Pro Bongos


Various shakers/triangles/claves/tambourines



Yamaha flute 211

LaFleur flute

Boosey and Hawkes Emperor clarinet

TEC Breath Controller

Hohner harmonicas (blues and chromatic)

Soprano recorder

Alto recorder


Hundreds of Soft Synths/Samples including


Kontakt 5

Omnisphere 2

Arturia V Collection 5

Isotope Iris

Imperfect Samples Fazioli Grand Piano

Addictive Keys Upright Piano

Addictive Drums 2 (Fairfax 1 & 2, Modern Jazz Kit, Modern Jazz Brushes)


Altiverb 7

Spitfire Albion ONE

Spitfire Sable Strings

Spitfire Symphonic Strings

Spitfire Chamber Strings

All Sample Modeling's wind instruments

EastWest Hollywood Strings, Woodwind and Brass

EastWest Platinum Orchestra

EastWest Pianos

EastWest Spaces

Stormdrum 2

Many more samples and plugins by Spitfire, SonicCouture, Spectrasonics, SoundIron, Native Instruments, Vienna, Soundtoys, UAD, Waves...




Press Quotes

Grant Olding's music delights, wittily incorporated into the action.

The Observer


Nicholas Hytner's masterstroke is the music by Grant Olding, which wraps all this lunacy into an irresistible package.

The Hollywood Reporter


Driving, joyous interludes help turn a well-made play into an entertainment with the lift of an exhilarating musical.

The New York Times


The production is punctuated by an onstage cellist, playing a score by Grant Olding reminiscent of Elgar’s turbulent, grief-filled cello concerto. It greatly adds to the power of the production.

The Telegraph


Grant Olding's infectiously sunny skiffle songs lift the audience from mere happiness to eye-watering, comic hysteria.



Grant Olding's Simply Cinderella christens Leicester's imposing theatre with a champagne sparkle.

The Guardian


Infectious music by Grant Olding, bubbles over with humour. A surefire hit.

The Evening Standard


The infectious charm of Grant Olding's original musical numbers keep toes tapping along.

Film Intuition