Meet the Father of the Atomic Bomb

In 2015 Grant wrote his first score for the Royal Shakespeare Company.  Oppenheimer - a new play by Tom Morton-Smith and directed by Angus Jackson, starred John Heffernan as J. Robert Oppenheimer and on the bare stage of the Swan theatre in Stratford Upon Avon with a blackboard for a floor, told the story of the inventing of the atomic bomb.  A tragedy of Shakspearian proportions, the play was a huge critical and audience hit with a mesmeric and towering performance at it's centre.

A live band of five wonderful musicians played Grant's filmic, jazz score.  Drawing on influences from the 1930's and 40's coupled with a spare contemporary language that supported the great weight and importance of the story.

Oppenheimer transferred to the Vaudeville Theatre in London's West End that same year where it continued to thrill audiences and garner five star reviews.

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